Oh Canada!

Well, today marks the second time I will be presenting in Canada in the last two weeks.  Most recently, I was at the British Columbia Music Educators Conference in Vancouver, and today and tomorrow I am in Toronto for the Ontario Music Educators Conference.  My three sessions will include the new EEi – Essential Elements Interactive in Teaching Beginning Band in the Digital Age with Music Education – The Process IS The Product, and Sustaining Your Passion.

I am always inspired by the people I meet in Canada.  They have a true love for the arts for arts sake.  They also have a much wider range of vision.  They opened their keynote this morning with Jully Black, a smokin’ hot singer, complete with a background singer playing shaker, a one drum drummer, and an incredible guitar player who was just putting the whole thing in the pocket.  It was over the top fun.  And I wondered, what kind of reception would that have received in America?  Hmmmmm.

Music education is so much more than band, orchestra, and choir.  But we can’t discount those vehicles.  No, instead, we need to use those vehicles to open up a world of possibilities.  Oh Canada, I tip my hat to thee!


One Response to Oh Canada!

  1. Well, for starters, I don’t see this quartet opening the Midwest Clinic. Unless it’s maybe 1:00 in the morning. Agreed…any vehicle works. Band, choir, jazz ensemble, strings or any smaller more intimate group like what you’ve described. Everyone should experience it. Being more than a spectator. Participate! Good luck in T-town, CM. Watch out for those cabbies that only speak French!!

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