December 1, 2012

It’s Saturday morning and I am sitting in on one of our MECA Continuing Education Classes that has focused on Data Driven Instruction.  Students are presenting their projects and as I sit in the back of the room and observe their work, I am continually amazed with the creativity and great teaching that these music teachers are doing with their students…and the great, creative work their students are doing in their classes.

So many times we are just wrapped up in being so busy that we completely miss the point.  We don’t take the time to “smell the flowers.”  By gosh, we don’t have time to teach music, we have a concert to get ready for.   But as I watch the variety of projects, approaches, foci, I am totally impressed with their work.

More to follow on this …. but for now, take a few minutes and reflect on what you are doing on a daily basis and how you can bring some variety to your daily routine.   Tomorrow, do something different.  I’ll bet that you too will be impressed.